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1st Lower Earley Scouts


The Scout Section is the original section of the Scout hierarchy which was established in the U.K. in 1907 for 10 – 16 year old boys to explore and make sense of the world they lived in. The current age range is for 10 – 14 year olds. The Scout Section was the third section in the development of the 1st Lower Earley Scout Group and opened its doors on Friday 13th September, 2013.

The Scout Section is inclusive and will take on children, both boys and girls of mixed ability, irrespective of background. The balanced programme we run continues to be evolved and adapted to meet the needs and remain of interest to young people of each generation.



The Scout Troop at 1st Lower Earley Scout Group invites children to join at the beginning of the school term when they are 10 years old. This will also depend on there being a vacancy, as we do have a healthy waiting list.  A child who is 13 ½ years old on application may be asked to wait a short while before they are invited to join the Explorer Scouts, the next Section up, when they have a vacancy.


During their time with the Troop all Scouts will undertake many activities both inside and out. These activities will include Scout Skills i.e. knots, map and compass, first aid, healthy diet, equipment selection and use. These skills will be put into practical use whilst away camping, hiking, climbing and undertaking various water activities.

There are a range of badges available which Scouts can work towards. Once assessed as being competent they are awarded to the Scot to wear on their uniform to show everyone how well they are progressing.

Structure and Organisation

A Troop is organised into smaller groups called Patrols with each being led by a Patrol Leader (PL), they in turn are assisted by an Assistant Patrol Leader (APL).

Although the Troop is managed by adults, the PLs and APLs are the main contributors in what they do and the day to day running of the Troop, especially when away camping, etc.

Contact Us

To contact the Scout Troop section, please complete the contact form on the Contact page.

For detailed information regarding meeting times etc., please refer to the About Us - Scouts page